Club Paintball Guys!!!!!

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Club Paintball Guys!!!!! Empty Club Paintball Guys!!!!!

Post by Snowy Leopard on Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:54 pm

Hey wouldn't it be fun to meet up all again as a club before university starts and kick the crap out of each other in some paintball????

As discussed with Vin earlier today, I propose to organise a trip to Fire Base RED Paintball (

Basically the cost are as follows :

*$40 for Paintball Gun, Helmet and 100 Paintballs.
*$16 for an extra 100 Paintballs.

There will be a bbq run by my family and it will be asian bbq of course so expect the normal stuff.

Transport is mainly jumping in each other cars or mooching off all my cousins or some of the club guys.

The more people that joins, the more everyone will save.... Minimum 16 people to get discount for everyone....

Basically let me know what days you are free in February so we can plan ahead and make this successful.
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