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Post by Nox Noctis on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:00 pm

Since we havent yet had one.. here Naruto rating. For ppl that dont know how this works. Basically fill this form out (post it as a new topic) and have other ppl rate you to a character in that certain series Smile When you get four votes for the same character BINGO a stamp gets issued Very Happy Don't forget to rate four other ppl yourself!!


Hobbies and talents:

What is your favourite food/s?:
What food/s you dislike?:

Do you have a favourite quote or phrase?:

On a free afternoon what would you be doing?:

Please write a brief description of what your general style is, along with how your style changes throughout the seasons of the year:

What do you think of Sakura?:

What do you think of Sasuke?:

Your weakness?:
Your dreams?:
Your fears?:

A social butterfly or antisocial like Squall (ff8)?
Leader or Follower?
Listener or Speaker?
Are you implusive? ie. Hit first, then ask questions later.
Pessimistic or Optimistic?
Are you head-strong and focused when you desire something/achieve a goal or are you weak-willed?:

Out of the following animals pick one (give explanation if applicable):
a) rat
b) cow
c) lion
d) dog
e) fish

Your favourite character from the series and why.

NOTE: Plz remeber to rate a min. of 4 other people before being rated yourself.. with the exception of the first 4 applications and please BOLD YOUR VOTE

Can one of the mods plz put this in its own section, so the applications dont flood this forum? I forgot how to.. thnx <3

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Post by That Indian Guy on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:02 pm

You should perhaps edit some of the questions (and put in some new one perhaps?) since im not really sure what Lenalees Innocence has to do with Naruto Razz Damn you and your quick edit Mad
Nox Noctis wrote:Can one of the mods plz put this in its own section, so the applications dont flood this forum? I forgot how to..


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