kagerouhi's rating kamo maho?

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kagerouhi's rating kamo maho?

Post by kagerouhi on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:13 am

Alias: Fire Dragonfly
Gender: Female

Likes: anime, manga, cosplay, hentai, yaoi, mystery novels, fantasy, sci-fi, meaningless anime which i can watch over and over without having to think too much about it, money
Dislikes: people who gossip about problems that happened between 2 people but then spread it to everyone they can (gossiping is fine to an extent i think), smelly foods
Hobbies and talents: anime, manga, cosplay, reading, talents: being annoying

What is your favourite food/s?: japanese food
What food/s you dislike?: smelly and mushy foods

Do you have a favourite quote or phrase?: nope

On a free afternoon what would you be doing?: either sleep, watch anime, read, play games

Please write a brief description of what your general style is, along with how your style changes throughout the seasons of the year:

my style rarely changes its almost always t-shirt and jeans unless i feel like wearing a skirt then i wearin pantyhose with it
i only wear gothloli-ish/vkish when i go meet mates ... ... ... rarely XD

What do you think of Lenalee’s innocence?: its ok i guess ... its not that cool not that lame but very normal? lol i dont know XD

Your weakness?: being annoying
Your dreams?: making enough money to not have to work
Your fears?: bugs ...

A social butterfly or antisocial like Squall (ff8)? bit of both though lately ... heh
Leader or Follower? both
Listener or Speaker? both ... but im a listener most of the time
Are you implusive? ie. Hit first, then ask questions later. depends on the situation
Pessimistic or Optimistic? optimistic i like to think
Are you head-strong and focused when you desire something/achieve a goal or are you weak-willed?: depends on the goal

Out of the following animals pick one (give explanation if applicable):
a) rat
b) cow
c) lion <--- i am one
d) dog
e) fish

Your favourite character from the series and why.
havent watched it enough to really know ... but i do like lavi he's funny =D
Captain B*tchNinja
Captain B*tchNinja

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Re: kagerouhi's rating kamo maho?

Post by That Indian Guy on Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:36 pm

Road Kamelot


That Indian Guy
That Indian Guy
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Captain Grab-Ass

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Re: kagerouhi's rating kamo maho?

Post by Lenalesca on Fri Dec 26, 2008 2:02 pm

I second that.

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Re: kagerouhi's rating kamo maho?

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