RULES for the forum

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RULES for the forum

Post by kagerouhi on Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:10 am

Important RULES that users of this forum must apply to keep this a safe and happy environment that everyone can enjoy.

1. Personal attacks are not tolerated.

2. Adequate warnings must be placed if spoilers are present.

and use this code please

[%spoiler]Naruto will ...[/%spoiler] but without the %

so it should look like this

Naruto will become evilleh ass ... NOT

3. Adequate warnings must be placed for any NOT worksafe material.

also if there is such content that is why we have the Fanservice forum for all the non-worksafe material and if you can please use the spoiler code above.

4. Introduce yourself on the 'introduce yourself thread' (duh). Its just an idea to get to know each other better and stuff Smile

5.Please refrain from swearing too much or typing in too much text language

6. Don't make your signature too high or too long so we don't have scroll down a huge wall =3

7.Don't forget to credit media you post if it is not yours as this would be an infringement of the creator's Intellectual Property Rights

Thanks guys

~benihime & 神様
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