A Day at the Beach (Bleach Plot Bunny)

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A Day at the Beach (Bleach Plot Bunny)

Post by That Indian Guy on Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:57 am

This bunny is based on the following picture from the Bleach Omake chapters:

Things were not going as Shunsui planned.

There had been rumors of a beach party planned for the Real World. But only for the females. It had been an idea of the Shinigam Womens Association. They had chosen to go to the Real World so they could include Orihime and her friend. Urahara had provided the gigai for everyone and everything was ready.

Shunsui had heavily bribed Nemu to merely borrow one of her father's inventions. An opera style set of spectacles that had a high quality mini video camera built into it. He then promised Retsu that he wouldn't set foot in 4th division while drunk for the next month if she would simply activate the video camera and point it in Nanao's direction. After that, he went back to Nemu to persuade her to help a "random" ocean wave to remove Nanao's swimsuit top. Shunsui thought it would be harder to get Nemu to do such a thing but the female was surprisingly up to the task.

Thinking that even though he would have lovely recorded footage, it just wasn't the same as being there. However, he knew that if he were to coincidentally show up at the beach he would probably be beaten and left face down in the water. So he devised a plan. He would commission Mayuri into making him a disguise of some marine animal so he could view the party from the water. All he had to do was promise the scientist that he could run some scientific test on his liver. Mayuri was constantly nagging him to let him do so. After all, the amount of booze Shunsui consumed was legendary.

Everything had been going fine. The girls frolicked. Played. Ran about. And then disaster struck.

He's forgotten to take Kukaku's personality into account. Yachiru had stood and pointed at him. She then squealed, "SHARKY-CHAN!" This drew the females' attention. Kukaku then charged into the water with a maniacal grin adorning her face. The next thing Shunsui knew, he was being pummeled by the Shiba woman.

'This is definitely not going to plan,' Shunsui thought to himself as he was forcibly dragged ashore. And to make things worse, out of the corner of his eye he could see Nemu helping Nanao put her swimsuit top back on.


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Re: A Day at the Beach (Bleach Plot Bunny)

Post by crimsondragon on Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:03 pm

lol nice

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